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Collaboration Boards (Scrum and Kanban)

A cost-effective project management software designed to make life easier. Online PL's innovative features, such as Time Tracking, Interactive Chat, Task-based Chat, Project Reporting, etc., make it stand out among other competitors on the market. It has a unique chat system where you can talk on specific tasks, with individual users or on specific projects as per your requirements.

Helps you manage all your projects in one place. It is a software service solution for agile project management and collaboration. Compatible with Scrum and Kanban. Extremely intuitive and easy to use for real-time updates. Now, with a new version, it offers a variety of features tailored to the needs of small agile teams and large organizations alike: collaboration boards (Scrum and Kanban)

Business and Technology Tools that stand outside the public eye

When people see something impressive—a bridge arching high over a canyon, a space probe touching down on a distant planet, a graceful curlicue ramp on a freeway, a motion picture (so real you think you ’ re there!), or a nifty computer the size of your hand—they wonder “ how did they do that? ” By they , of course, they are referring to the creators, designers, and builders, the people who thought up and actually made those things. Seldom do they wonder about the managers , the people who organized and lead the efforts that brought those wondrous things from a concept or idea into reality and without whose talent, skills, and hard work most neat ideas would never amount to anything. This App is for Project Management managers, the mostly unsung Leader of business and technology who stand outside the public eye but are behind practically every collective effort to create, develop, or produce something


Independent of skills Associated with Technological Competency

Associated with this interest is the growing need to educate and train project managers. In the past and still today, project managers were chosen for some demonstrated exceptional capability, although not necessarily managerial. If you were a good engineer, systems analyst, researcher, architect, or accountant, eventually you would become a project manager. Somewhere along the way, presumably, you would pick up the “ other ” necessary skills. The flaw in this reasoning is that project management encompasses a broad range of skills—managerial, leadership, interpersonal—that are much different and independent of skills associated with technological competency. And there is no reason to presume that the project environment alone will provide the opportunity for someone to “ pick up ” these other necessary skills



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